WP Social Share Content

Highlight, share, and boost engagement. This plugin enables users to highlight text and easily share it on social media, enhancing your website’s accessibility and engagement.

WordPress Mark Highlight and Social Share


  • Enhance the user experience on your website with the highlight text feature for blog articles and product features.
  • Save users’ time by storing the highlighted text in their browser, allowing them to quickly revisit their favorite parts of your content.
  • Empower your visitors to promote your content by making it easy for them to share highlighted text on their social media channels.
  • Use the simple yet effective method of highlighting text to increase social shares and expand the reach of your content.
  • WP Social Share Content is a must-have tool to enable visitors to share your product features with their social environment.
  • Boost your website’s engagement by providing visitors with a fast and easy way to share your content directly to their social media channels.
  • Improve your content’s visibility and reach by leveraging the power of social media sharing through WP Social Share Content.
  • Enable visitors to share the most interesting and valuable parts of your content by using the highlight text feature.
  • Make it easy for users to engage with your content and share it with their network, increasing your website’s traffic and visibility.
  • Enhance your social media strategy by integrating WP Social Share Content into your website, allowing visitors to promote your content and products with ease.

Admin Settings

  • Admin can customize highlight text color and background
  • Admin Can Choose which page content will social share
  • Admin can skip section content, which will not share. Like Header, Footer, Banner etc.
  • Admin can also choose particular section, want only share specific content

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